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CRNA - Moses Cone Hospital - Full Time

Job ID: 19975
Facility: Moses Cone Hospital
City: Greensboro

Date Posted: 2021-06-17 06:45:35 UTC
2021-05-27 06:41:34 UTC


Job Description

LOCATION: Moses Cone Hospital
CITY: Greensboro

FTE: 1.0
Exempt: Yes (Salaried)

Administer anesthesia services to patients of all agesand physical conditions for a variety of surgical and medically related procedures.Applicant must be adept at pediatric anesthesia. Skill set to includecardio-thoracic surgery, vascular surgery, neurosurgery.

*NEW VERY COMPETITIVE COMPENSATIONADJUSTMENT* for all Cone Health CRNAs 2021. Email recruiter for more information.Opportunity for signing bonus.

Required - Graduate from School of Nursing and School ofNurse Anesthesia

Current North Carolina Registered Nurse (RN) licensure,Recognition as an Advanced Practice RN by the NC Board of Nursing.
Certification/Recertification as a Registered NurseAnesthetist by the National Board of Certification & Recertification forNurse Anesthetists (NCBRNA).
BLS (CPR) | AHA Health Care Provider BLS
ACLS Certification
PALs or NPR per campus recommendation
If driving Cone Health vehicle, must have 5 years ofdriving experience and MVR must be approved by Risk Management.

Completes a pre-anesthetic assessment and formulatesanesthesia management plan. Consistently completes a pre-anesthetic assessment.Collects, reviews, and evaluates all data pertinent to the patient's medicaland surgical history, with consideration of the planned procedure. Thoroughlydocuments the assessment data and anesthetic plan. Collaborates with the careteam to formulate an anesthetic plan. Ensures completion of the Patient SafetyChecklist by initiating the complete items.

Completes all required documentation. Consistentlycompletes all required documentation; the Surgical Safety Checklist, thepre-operative assessment, the intra-operative anesthetic record, and thetransfer-of-care note. Accurately completes anesthesia charges. Consistentlylabels medication in accordance with accepted standards. Accurately accountsfor controlled substances. Independently completes incident reporting in thecomputerized Safety Portal.

Demonstrates personal accountability and effectiveconflict resolution/negotiation skills. Demonstrates appropriate use ofuniversal precautions and use of personal protective equipment. Maintains safeenvironment and responds appropriately to emergencies and safety hazards.Promotes positive, supportive, and professional work environment free ofdisruptive behavior. Practices, in all professional relationships, withcompassion and respect for the inherent dignity, worth and uniqueness of everyindividual. Follows Chain of Command for assistance with issues related tounresolved/problem-solving and/or conflict resolution. Provides, seeks andreceives constructive feedback. Provides peer to peer feedback and seeksmediation as necessary. Facilitates building and preserving collaborative andrespectful relationships.

Demonstrates use of all supplies and equipment.Anesthetic supplies and equipment are always inspected and prepared withpatient safety as a priority. Consistently anticipates and utilizes the appropriateequipment and supplies for individual patient needs. Demonstrates knowledge ofthe location, use, handling, cleaning, and maintenance of all equipment andsupplies. Rarely needs help with technical aspects of equipment.

Implements and evaluates anesthetic plan. Prepares andadministers medications and fluids in accordance with accepted standards ofsafe practice. Maintains constant vigilance with ongoing assessment of airway,depth of anesthesia, fluids status, and physiologic response to anesthesia.Communicates any change in patient status appropriately with the care team.Organizes and prioritizes actions efficiently and effectively. Accuratelyreports essential information upon transfer of care.

Maintains knowledge base for population served. Proactivelyenhances knowledge base for the anesthetic care of all patient populationsserved. Maintains certification as appropriate.

* Maintain licensure/certification/registry/listing
* Annual mandatory requirements (e.g., flu shot,education, employee health)

If you require assistance with our online job submissionprocess, please contact:

Danielle LaMorte, MD
Cone Health Physician Recruitment Consultant
[email protected]

Cone Health is an equal opportunity employer.

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