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CRNA - Moses Cone Day Surg Ctr

Job ID: 3979
Facility: Moses Cone Surgery Center, HSD-MC Surgery Center
City: Greensboro

Date Posted: 2018-11-29 22:27:23 UTC
2018-07-12 17:44:23 UTC


Job Description

LOCATION : Moses Cone Surgery Center, HSD-MC Surgery Center
CITY : Greensboro

Exempt: Yes | FTE: 1.000000 (40 hours/week) | Schedule: M-F | Days

Administer anesthesia services to patients of all ages and physical conditions for a variety of surgical
and medically related procedures.

Degree/Diploma Obtained
Required - Graduation from School of Nurse Anesthesia

Current North Carolina Registered Nurse (RN) licensure, Recognition as an Advanced Practice RN
by the NC Board of Nursing.
Certification/Recertification as a Registered Nurse Anesthetist by the National Board of Certification
& Recertification for Nurse Anesthetists (NCBRNA).
Required -
AHA Health Care Provider BLS (CPR)
ACLS Certification
PALs or NPR per campus recommendation
If driving Cone Health vehicle, must have 5 years of driving experience and MVR must be approved
by Risk Management.

20% - Completes a pre-anesthetic assessment and formulates anesthesia management
plan. Consistently completes a pre-anesthetic assessment. Collects, reviews, and
evaluates all data pertinent to the patient's medical and surgical history, with
consideration of the planned procedure. Thoroughly documents the assessment data
and anesthetic plan. Collaborates with the care team to formulate an anesthetic plan.
Ensures completion of the Patient Safety Checklist by initiating the complete items.
15% - Completes all required documentation. Consistently completes all required
documentation; the Surgical Safety Checklist, the pre-operative assessment, the
intra-operative anesthetic record, and the transfer-of-care note. Accurately completes
anesthesia charges. Consistently labels medication in accordance with accepted
standards. Accurately accounts for controlled substances. Independently completes
incident reporting in the computerized Safety Portal .
10% - Demonstrates personal accountability and effective conflict resolution/negotiation
skills. Demonstrates appropriate use of universal precautions and use of personal
protective equipment. Maintains safe environment and responds appropriately to
emergencies and safety hazards. Promotes positive, supportive, and professional
work environment free of disruptive behavior. Practices, in all professional
relationships, with compassion and respect for the inherent dignity, worth and
uniqueness of every individual. Follows Chain of Command for assistance with issues
related to unresolved/problem-solving and/or conflict resolution. Provides, seeks and
receives constructive feedback. Provides peer to peer feedback and seeks mediation
as necessary. Facilitates building and preserving collaborative and respectful
15% - Demonstrates use of all supplies and equipment. Anesthetic supplies and equipment
are always inspected and prepared with patient safety as a priority. Consistently
anticipates and utilizes the appropriate equipment and supplies for individual patient
needs. Demonstrates knowledge of the location, use, handling, cleaning, and
maintenance of all equipment and supplies. Rarely needs help with technical aspects
of equipment.
30% - Implements and evaluates anesthetic plan. Prepares and administers medications
and fluids in accordance with accepted standards of safe practice. Maintains constant vigilance with ongoing assessment of airway, depth of anesthesia, fluids status, and
physiologic response to anesthesia. Communicates any change in patient status
appropriately with the care team. Organizes and prioritizes actions efficiently and
effectively. Accurately reports essential information upon transfer of care.
10% - Maintains knowledge base for population served. Proactively enhances knowledge
base for the anesthetic care of all patient populations served. Maintains certification
as appropriate.
* Annual flu shot
* Annual TB test (if applicable to your job location)
* Annual HLCs (Healthstream, formerly CBL)-Safety at Work and Corporate Compliance
* Maintain licensure/certification/registry/listing (if applicable to your job)

Cone Health is a state of the art network of facilities providing patients access to the latest developments in medical care from their first moments of life through later years. Our network offers the most breakthrough treatments and technology available in healthcare today. As a teaching hospital, we offer employees the opportunity to become leaders in the industry and continued growth from their first day on. Extraordinary patient care is about being "high-touch" as well as "high-tech". Community service and superior patient care are the cornerstones of our organization, a philosophy that is demonstrated by each and every one of our valued team members. We are proud to be the largest private, not-for-profit employer of choice in the Piedmont, NC area community. Additionally, as one of the region's largest and most comprehensive health networks, Cone Health has more than 100 locations, including six hospitals, three ambulatory care centers, three outpatient surgery centers, four urgent care centers, a retirement community, and more than 100 physician practice sites. Our tagline - "The Network for Exceptional Care" - highlights our commitment to excellence, which is shared by our more than 11,000 employees, 1,300 physicians and 1,200 volunteers.

Cone Health is an equal opportunity employer. If you require assistance with our online job submission process, please contact our Talent Acquisition team at 866-266-3767 to request an accommodation.
o I will create and engage in conversations of possibility.
o I will be open to innovation and creativity.
o I will listen to understand.
o I will bring ideas for solutions and be open to alternative ideas.
o I will be open to constructive feedback.
o I will not engage or listen to negativity or gossip.
o I will be positive when speaking about Cone Health, my department, and my coworkers.
o I will be approachable.
o I will focus on behaviors, not the person, during conflict.
o I will honor my word.
o I will do what I say when I say I will.
o I will "clean it up" when I can't keep my word.
o I will honor my work agreement.
o I will be "on the court" instead of "in the stands."
o I will follow up in a timely manner on commitments and requests.
o I will apologize when someone experiences less than excellent service.
o I will take responsibility for my actions, decisions and performance.
o I will protect patient safety (best practices: ex - hand hygiene).
o I will assume the best of intentions and embrace differences.
o I will collaborate and seek other people's input.
o I will demonstrate courtesy, compassion, and respect with my tone of voice and body language.
o I will speak positively about Cone Health - managing up coworkers, physicians, departments, patients and visitors.
o I will ask the person directly involved when I don't know.
o I will include diverse skills, abilities, strengths, and backgrounds to create better outcomes.
o I will care for myself while also respecting others.
o I will own it, solve it, and celebrate it!
o I will offer solutions when problems are identified.
o I will share my input for decisions by participating in forums such as shared governance, town halls, employee engagement survey,
brown bag discussions, employee councils, staff meetings, or directly with my manager.
o I will take charge and do the right thing at the right time.
o I will make decisions keeping a balance of service,
quality, and cost in mind. o I will demonstrate Cone Health values.
o I will seek opportunities to celebrate and have fun. o I will recognize good work.
I have seen and reviewed the job description in its completed form and understand that I will be required to
perform all functions listed if hired for this position. I recognize that, if hired, it is my responsibility to notify
my manager as soon as possible if I am unable to perform any of the functions of my position for any reason. This job description is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all duties,
responsibilities, or qualifications associated with the job.

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