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RN - Specials Recovery

Job ID: 1226

Date Posted: 2019-03-13 15:28:09 UTC
2018-07-12 17:39:39 UTC

This job posting is no longer active.


Job Description

LOCATION: Burlington, Alamance Regional Medical Center


FTE:0.10 (Relief hours/week)
Schedule:As needed
OnCall: Yes

Assesses,plans, implements, documents, organizes, prioritizes, delegates, supervises andcoordinates the care of adolescent, adult, geriatric patients as prescribedwithin the parameters of the NC Nurse Practice Act and hospital complex.

Providesnursing care via the nursing process and data analysis for the development,implementation and evaluation of nursing care. Interviews patient to obtainpertinent medical and surgical history, current medications, treatment plan andpreparation for examination. Performs age specific assessments to collectpertinent data. Identifies needs based on knowledge of growth and developmentof adolescents, adults and geriatric patients, records initial database andongoing assessment pre-, intra-, and post-procedure. Consistently recognizesand acts upon subtle changes in patient status, anticipating their needs whilecollaborating with the health care team. Develops and documents plan of carefrom assessment data including discharge planning in collaboration with thepatient, significant others, and health care providers. Implementsinterventions in a manner to maintain patient dignity, privacy, confidentialityand safety. Defines measurable outcomes based on database and ongoingevaluations of patient response to interventions. Identifies variances toexpected outcomes and intervenes to optimize outcomes. Involves patient,significant others, and health care providers in the evaluation process. (i.e.Patient satisfaction surveys, follow-up calls and CQI). Assists the patient andsignificant others in identifying and securing appropriate services andeducational opportunities available to address health-related needs whileproviding emotional and psychological support to patients and family. ( i.e.: Referrals,Consults, Lab and Radiology Services, Support Groups and teaching materials).Demonstrates advanced competencies and critical thinking skills in day to daypractice. Educates staff regarding the nursing process, and the use of clinicalpathways as a collaborative practice and interdisciplinary care tool. (30%)

Establishesa caring and therapeutic nurse/healthcare team/patient/significant otherrelationships. Recognizes communication barriers, identifies resources andestablishes plans to resolve barriers to communication. Demonstratesrespect for diversity and cultural differences in patient/significant othersrelated to age, ethnicity, gender, religion, socioeconomics, education,personality, or other unique variable.Formulate individualized plans toaddress individual needs related to diversity, cultural difference or otherunique variables.Advocates for the patient/significant other. Demonstratesskillful responses to customer needs based on particular context of thesituation. Provides education to staff related to the patient/nurserelationship. (25%)

Supportsan environment of evidence based practice/research/quality improvement.Demonstrates knowledge of Shared Governance accountabilities and principles,supports DSGC directly as a council member or indirectly by keepinginformed of council activities/supporting council decisions, brings forthissues to council. Demonstrates knowledge of how to access reference documentscontaining policies, procedures, standards, and additional resources. Participatesin QI/Research activities based on role and major work activities as outlinedin the research point system guidelines. Demonstrates knowledge of departmentQI plan. Demonstrates understanding of resource management and implementsopportunities. Collects QI data and participates in analysis and action plandevelopment, incorporates changes into practice. Facilitates ongoing activitiesto meet and adhere to regulatory standards (HIPAA, TJC, DFS, OSHA). Analyzes QIdata and suggests action plans, incorporates changes into practice and coachesand mentors others to do so. Recognizes opportunities for QI processes,participates in design and implementation of QI processes. (20%)

Supervisesother members of the team. Contributes to a supportive and healthy workenvironment. Holds self and others accountable for complying with policies,procedures and standards including dress code and attendance. Provides inputinto and supports the precepting and mentoring process. Delegates appropriatetasks to support staff, ensures completion of delegated tasks and providesfeedback as needed. Demonstrates team spirit and collegiality. Supervisesselect personnel in performance/patient care. Participates in preceptordevelopment courses. Collaborates
withother RN3s and RN4s to identify, initiate, and evaluate teambuildingstrategies. Recognized as a resource/facilitator for precepting, mentoring,delegating, team building. Independently performs charge duties. (15%

Demonstratespersonal accountability and effective conflict resolution/negotiation skills.Demonstrates appropriate use of universal precautions and use of personalprotective equipment. Maintains safe environment and respondsappropriately to emergencies and safety hazards. Promotes positive, supportive,and professional work environment free of disruptive behavior. Practices, inall professional relationships, with compassion and respect for theinherent dignity, worth and uniqueness of every individual. Follows Chain ofCommand for assistance with issues related to unresolved/problem-solving and/orconflict resolution. Provides, seeks and receives constructive feedback.Provides peer to peer feedback and seeks mediation as necessary. Facilitatesbuilding and preserving collaborative and respectful relationships. Adheres tomaintenance requirements for the professional nurse advancement program. (10%)

Graduateof a School of Nursing. BSN required or with approval of the VP of Nursing,experienced RN's with an AD or Diploma with an active plan to obtain their BSNwithin four years from date of hire may be considered.

RN- Registered Nurse licensed in North Carolina or a Compact state.
BLS(CPR) - AHA Health Care Provider BLS

AdvancedCardiovascular Life Support
PediatricAdvanced Life Support

PersonalSafety - Responds appropriately to emergency situations (Cone Health Codes) anddemonstrates knowledge of how to respond. Always uses appropriate safetydevices and techniques (examples: using safe lift equipment and needle safedevices; pushing carts; correctly lifting copy paper).
Abilityto present information to a group
Oraland Written Communication Skills - Ability to communicate effectively throughboth oral and written formats.
Abilityto work independently
Accountability- Takes responsibility for own actions, including the impact of own decisionson patients and others. Also takes responsibility for actions of any directreports, avoiding blame or excuses. Takes appropriate action when anyone in theorganization violates standards or regulations, viewing it as unacceptable to"look the other way".
Adaptability- Effectively assesses and adjusts to changes in circumstances, resources, orenvironment, using the creativity and flexibility required to remain effective.Views change as a constant, accepting and adjusting to twists and turns.Adjusts to the especially unpredictable nature of a healthcare environment,shifting focus as necessary, and taking reasonable action, even when faced withvarious levels of uncertainty.
Communication- Accepts responsibility for effective two-way communication using clear andwell-organized oral and written techniques. Demonstrates self awareness ofnon-verbal messages, keeping verbal and non-verbal messages consistent. Incorporatesrecognition of cultural impact on understanding and effectively usesinterpreters and language translation devices.
ComputerLiteracy - Working knowledge of personal computer and communicationstechnology.
Knowledgeof Concepts, Procedures and Techniques - Possess knowledge of concepts,procedures and troubleshooting techniques.
ProblemSolving - Identifies practices or procedures that are not working effectivelyand challenges underlying assumptions. Includes a representative number ofpersons when addressing issues (including patients and their families),resulting in the best resolution from various perspectives. Looks for the rootcause of any problem, resulting in solutions that are enduring and sustainable.
Proficiencyin Tools and Equipment - Ability to demonstrate proficiency in the applicationof tools, test equipment and meters to effectively diagnose equipment problemsand/or failures consistently.
Responsiveness- Reacts promptly when requests are made or situations clearly call for it.Shifts priorities when a timely response is essential. Actions reflectsensitivity to patient/customer needs and sense of urgency. Balances speed ofresponse with safety concerns.
TimeManagement - Establishes priorities during routine daily operations, addressingtime-sensitive matters first, while also accomplishing day-to-day tasks andduties. Effectively triages tasks and events according to urgency level, impacton patients and outcomes desired under special conditions (e.g., during crisesand emergencies). Makes choices that result in maximum completion of essentialduties and minimum personal stress.
Abilityto work in stressful situations - Ability to remain calm and composed instressful situations (ie: fast paced environment, meeting deadlines/workquotas, etc.)
Integrity- Demonstrates an unwavering commitment to do what is ethically"right".
Consistentlytells the truth unless doing so would violate confidentiality or compromise thesafety or privacy rights of patients or others. Behaves in a manner fullyconsistent with stated intentions and commitments, even when there is no one towitness activities. Stands up for what is right even when there are personalrisks or when there are clear rewards for doing otherwise.
Interpersonalskills - Demonstrates an ability to interact with others in a courteous andprofessional manner and establish good working relationships.
Abilityto delegate
Abilityto influence others not under direct control

*Annual flu shot
*Annual TB test (if applicable to your job location)
*Annual HLCs (Healthstream, formerly CBL)-Safety at Work and CorporateCompliance
*Maintain licensure/certification/registry/listing (if applicable to yourjob)

ConeHealth is a state of the art network of facilities providing patients access tothe latest developments in medical care from their first moments of lifethrough later years. Our network offers the most breakthrough treatments andtechnology available in healthcare today. As a teaching hospital, we offeremployees the opportunity to become leaders in the industry and continuedgrowth from their first day on. Extraordinary patient care is about being"high-touch" as well as "high-tech". Community service and superior patientcare are the cornerstones of our organization, a philosophy that isdemonstrated by each and every one of our valued team members. We are proud tobe the largest private, not-for-profit employer of choice in the Piedmont, NCarea community. Additionally, as one of the region's largest and mostcomprehensive health networks, Cone Health has more than 100 locations, includingsix hospitals, three ambulatory care centers, three outpatient surgery centers,four urgent care centers, a retirement community, and more than 100 physicianpractice sites. Our tagline - "The Network for Exceptional Care" - highlightsour commitment to excellence, which is shared by our more than 11,000employees, 1,300 physicians and 1,200 volunteers.

ConeHealth is an equal opportunity employer. If you require assistance with ouronline job submission process, please contact our Talent Acquisition team at866-266-3767 to request an accommodation.


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