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PGY2 Pharmacy Resident - Ambulatory Care

Job ID: 5708
City: Greensboro


Job Description

JOB DETAILS<\/span><\/b>:
\nExempt: Yes | FTE: 1.0 (40 hours/week) \n| Schedule: Days/Evenings w/weekend rotation \n| On Call: NO<\/o:p><\/span><\/p>\n\n


\nDoctor of Pharmacy degree from a accredited school of pharmacy<\/span>
\nPGY1 Pharmacy Practice Residency accredited by ASHP<\/span>
\nThe resident is required to have or obtain a license to\npractice pharmacy in the state of North Carolina and Virginia within the first\n2 months of their training program. <\/span>
\nThe resident must present their original license/permit to\nthe Director of Pharmacy and verification will occur in accordance with the\ndepartment of pharmacy policy.<\/span>
\nValid Driver\u2019s License<\/span>
\nCPR (BLS) - AHA Health Care Provider BLS (CPR)<\/span>
\nJOB SUMMARY:<\/span>
\nThe Ambulatory Care PGY2 residency is designed to transition\na PGY1 residency graduate from a general practice that includes the ambulatory\nenvironment to a specialized practice specific to the needs of ambulatory\npatients. The PGY2 residency graduates exit with the ability to secure the\nagreements necessary for the establishment of a collaborative interdisciplinary\nambulatory practice. They will have the capability to design and implement the\nservices made possible by these approvals or agreements and to take full\nresponsibility for the ongoing management of and planning for those services,\nincluding the skill to assess their success via outcomes analyses. This\nresidency\u2019s graduates are empowered to treat and appropriately triage the most\ncomplex chronic and acute illnesses presented by ambulatory patients, including\nthose with multiple disease states and serious complications. This care is\ndelivered within the context of long-term health care partnership with the\npatient that emphasizes health improvement, wellness, and disease prevention. <\/span>
\nThe Ambulatory Care PGY-2 resident would be responsible for\nassisting the THN Care Managers on pharmacy related issues in the high risk\npatients involved in the THN network. Goal is to promote quality cost-effective\noutcomes for THN patients. The Ambulatory Care PGY-2 resident will meet with\npatients at their home, at the office, or other reasonable site. The Ambulatory\nCare PGY-2 resident will provide medication reconciliation reviews on patients\nreferred by THN Case Managers or THN providers, checking for discrepancies\nbetween different available resources and communicate discrepancies found and\nresolutions with the THN provider. The Ambulatory Care PGY-2 resident will\nprovide guidance on medication assistance programs available to the THN\npatients. The Ambulatory Care PGY-2 resident will also assist in education\nprovided to patients, care coordinators, physicians and other healthcare\nproviders. <\/span>
\nThe Ambulatory Care PGY-2 resident will deliver excellent customer\nservice utilizing Relationship Based Care to advocate for safety, patient\npreferences, and optimal communication through partnering with\npatients/families and colleagues, including all internal and external customers.<\/span>
\n1. Clinical Responsibilities: 60 %<\/span>
\n-Designs, recommend, monitors, and evaluate patient specific\npharmacotherapeutic regimens. <\/span>
\n-Participates in pharmacy activities in the care transition\nprocess to assure safe, effective, appropriate, and economical use of medications\nto improve continuity of care and outcomes<\/span>
\n-Participates pharmacy activities that support the Chronic\nCare initiatives and other future clinical initiatives<\/span>
\n-Serves as a resource to network physicians and care managers\non general drug information and Medicare pharmacy policy issues<\/span>
\n-Assists with the THN Medication Assistance Program<\/span>
\n2. Quality Management 15 %<\/span>
\n-Participates in Quality Assurance and Performance\nImprovement activities<\/span>
\n-Effectively applies the guidelines of the THN\u2019s performance\nimprovement process<\/span>
\n-Serves as a representative on applicable clinical committees<\/span>
\n3. Education 10 %<\/span>
\n-Provides education and training to staff on processes such\nas Medication Reconciliation and disease state management<\/span>
\n-Serves as a resource to network physicians and care managers\non general drug information and Medicare pharmacy policy issues<\/span>
\n-Presents a continuing education program in Pharmacy Graduate\nForum<\/span>
\n-Leads the Ambulatory Care Case Discussion Course <\/span>
\n-Presents a topic in the Ambulatory Care Case Discussion Course<\/span>
\n4. Documentation 15 %<\/span>
\n-Consistently documents all activities in the Electronic\nMedical Record using the established format in a timely and accurate manner<\/span>
\n-Promptly sends reports to physicians and other providers as\nper policy and as needed to relay pertinent finding. <\/span>
\n-Maintains accurate accounting of work hours and miles driven\nto conduct THN business activities and submits in a timely manner.<\/span>
\n-Actively participates in program improvement activities. <\/span>
\nNeonate (< 1 month) <\/span>
\nPediatric (1 month to <\/span>
\nAdolescent (13 years to <\/span>
\nAdult (18 years to <\/span>
\nGeriatric (66+ years)<\/span>
\nOccurs under one-third of the time:<\/span>
\n\u2022Exposure to bloodborne pathogens<\/span>
\n\u2022Hazardous waste and/or toxic/caustic chemicals<\/span>
\n\u2022Fumes or airborne particles<\/span>
\nI will create and engage in conversations of possibility.<\/span>
\nI will be open to innovation and creativity.<\/span>
\nI will listen to understand. <\/span>
\nI will bring ideas for solutions and be open to alternative\nideas. <\/span>
\nI will be open to constructive feedback. <\/span>
\nI will not engage or listen to negativity or gossip. <\/span>
\nI will be positive when speaking about Cone Health, my\ndepartment, and my coworkers. <\/span>
\nI will be approachable. <\/span>
\nI will focus on behaviors, not the person, during conflict.<\/span>
\nAccountability I will honor my word.<\/span>
\nI will do what I say when I say I will. <\/span>
\nI will \u201cclean it up\u201d when I can\u2019t keep my word. <\/span>
\nI will honormy work agreement. <\/span>
\nI will be \u201con the court\u201d instead of \u201cin the stands.\u201d <\/span>
\nI will follow up in a timely manner on commitments and\nrequests. <\/span>
\nI will apologize when someone experiences less than excellent\nservice. <\/span>
\nI will take responsibility for my actions, decisions and\nperformance. <\/span>
\nI will protect patient safety (best practices: ex \u2013 hand\nhygiene).<\/span>
\nI will assume the best of intentions and embrace differences.<\/span>
\nI will collaborate and seek other people\u2019s input. <\/span>
\nI will demonstrate courtesy, compassion, and respect with my\ntone of voice and body language. <\/span>
\nI will speak positively about Cone Health \u2013 managing up\ncoworkers, physicians, departments, patients and visitors. <\/span>
\nI will ask the person directly involved when I don\u2019t know. <\/span>
\nI will include diverse skills, abilities, strengths, and\nbackgrounds to create better outcomes. <\/span>
\nI will care for myself while also respecting others.<\/span>
\nI will own it, solve it, and celebrate it!<\/span>
\nI will offer solutions when problems are identified.<\/span>
\nI will share my input for decisions by participating in\nforums such as shared governance, town halls, employee engagement survey, brown\nbag discussions, employee councils, staff meetings, or directly with my\nmanager. <\/span>
\nI will take charge and do the right thing at the right time. <\/span>
\nI will make decisions keeping a balance of service, quality,\nand cost in mind. <\/span>
\nI will demonstrate Cone Health values. <\/span>
\nI will seek opportunities to celebrate and have fun. <\/span>
\nI will recognize good work.<\/span>
\nI have seen and reviewed the job description in its completed\nform and understand that I will be required to perform all functions listed if\nhired for this position. I recognize that, if hired, it is my responsibility to\nnotify my manager as soon as possible if I am unable to perform any of the\nfunctions of my position for any reason. This job description is not intended\nto be an exhaustive list of all duties, responsibilities, or qualifications\nassociated with the job.<\/span>
\nExceptional People Providing Exceptional Care!<\/span>
\nCone Health is a state of the art network of facilities\nproviding patients access to the latest developments in medical care from their\nfirst moments of life through later years. Our network offers the most\nbreakthrough treatments and technology available in healthcare today. As a\nteaching hospital, we offer employees the opportunity to become leaders in the\nindustry and continued growth from their first day on.<\/span>
\nExtraordinary patient care is about being \u201chigh-touch\u201d as\nwell as \u201chigh-tech\u201d. Community service and superior patient care are the\ncornerstones of our organization, a philosophy that is demonstrated by each and\nevery one of our valued team members. We are proud to be the largest private,\nnot-for-profit employer of choice in the Piedmont, NC area community!<\/span>
\nCone Health is an equal opportunity employer. If you require\nassistance with our online job submission process, please contact our Talent\nAcquisition team at 866-266-3767 to request an accommodation. Additionally,\nCone Health invites interested deaf and hard of hearing applicants to use Video\nRelay Service (VRS).<\/span>
\nCompletion of a PGY1 Pharmacy Practice Residency approved by\nASHP<\/span>
\nExtensive knowledge of pharmacy and its related\nsubdisciplines (therapeutics, pharmacology, physical pharmacy), formulary\ndevelopment, drug use review, quality assurance, legal, regulatory, and\nstandards of pharmacy practice-good written and verbal communication, the\nability to integrate healthcare team.<\/span>
\nExperience in medication reconciliation process<\/span>
\nInterdisciplinary department support for education and\nmonitoring patient drug therapy and education.<\/span>
\nKnowledge on Medicare plans<\/span>
\n* Annual flu shot<\/span>
\n* Annual TB test (if applicable to your job location)<\/span>
\n* Annual HLCs (Healthstream, formerly CBL)-Safety at Work and\nCorporate Compliance<\/span>
\n* Maintain licensure/certification/registry/listing (if\napplicable to your job)<\/span>
\nMedium Work<\/span>
\nExerting 20 to 50 pounds of force occasionally (up to 1/3 of\nthe time), and/or; 10 to 25 pounds of force frequently (1/3 to 2/3 of the\ntime),and/or; greater than negligible up to 10 pounds of force constantly (2/3\nor more of the time) to lift, carry, push, pull, or otherwise move objects,\nincluding the human body.<\/span>
\nRespirator Fit Testing<\/span>
\nHear and differentiate low volume sounds in order to make\njudgments regarding actions needed<\/span>
\nHear alarm bells, verbal conversations, telephone voices and\nnormal volume sounds<\/span>
\nClose vision (clear vision at 20 inches or less)<\/span>
\nDistance vision (clear vision at 20 feet or more)<\/span>
\nDepth perception (three-dimensional vision, ability to judge\ndistances and spatial relationships)<\/span>
\nColor vision (ability to identify and distinguish colors)<\/span><\/span><\/o:p><\/p>


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