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Clinic Adv Prac Prov - Supv

Job ID: 4291
Facility: Guilford Neurologic Associates, GNA-Guilford Neurologic Main
City: Greensboro


Job Description

LOCATION : Guilford Neurologic Associates, GNA-Guilford Neurologic Main
CITY : Greensboro

Exempt: Yes | FTE: 0.600000 (24 hours/week) | Schedule: Variable 22-24 hours/week | On Call: NO

To provide safe and effective evidence-based patient care.



Bachelors Degree in Nursing or Physician Assisting required.

1 year of practice as a Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant preferred.

Current PA or NP licensure in the State of NC required.
DEA License required.

Major Work Activities:

Communicates professionally, compassionately and effectively with patients, coworkers
and referring physicians. Weight 17 %

Provides appropriate patient assessment and establishes evidence-based plan of
care with physician input when deemed to be appropriate. Weight 17 %

Provides patient education, discusses ongoing care, medications, resources for selfeducation,
and when and how to contact the practice for emergent care. Weight 17 %

Responds quickly and professionally to emergent care demands, family concerns and
nursing questions. Weight 17 %

Reviews, interprets and integrates patient data. Weight 17 %

Uses all electronic and computerized resources to provide timely and accurate
patient care. Weight 15 %

Patient Population Served:

Cone Health serves the following patient populations:
Neonate (< 1 month)
Pediatric (1 month to < 13 years)
Adolescent (13 years to < 18 years)
Adult (18 years to < 66 years)
Geriatric (66 + years)
Specific age groups are listed in the departmental Scope of Service, if applicable.



Hear and differentiate low volume sounds in order to make judgments regarding actions needed
Hear alarm bells, verbal conversations,telephone voices and normal volume sounds
Close vision (clear vision at 20 inches or less)

Color vision (ability to identify and distinguish colors)

WORKING CONDITIONS- Occurs up to two-thirds of the time:

Exposure to bloodborne pathogens
Hazardous waste and/or toxic/caustic chemicals
Fumes or airborne particles


o I will create and engage in conversations of possibility.

o I will be open to innovation and creativity.
o I will listen to understand.
o I will bring ideas for solutions and be open to alternative ideas.
o I will be open to constructive feedback.
o I will not engage or listen to negativity or gossip.
o I will be positive when speaking about Cone Health, my department, and my coworkers.
o I will be approachable.
o I will focus on behaviors, not the person, during conflict.


o I will honor my word.o I will do what I say when I say I will.
o I will "clean it up" when I can't keep my word.
o I will honor my work agreement.
o I will be "on the court" instead of "in the stands."
o I will follow up in a timely manner on commitments and requests.
o I will apologize when someone experiences less than excellent service.
o I will take responsibility for my actions, decisions and performance.
o I will protect patient safety (best practices: ex - hand hygiene).


o I will assume the best of intentions and embrace differences.

o I will collaborate and seek other people's input.
o I will demonstrate courtesy, compassion, and respect with my tone of voice and body language.
o I will speak positively about Cone Health - managing up coworkers, physicians, departments, patients and visitors.
o I will ask the person directly involved when I don't know.
o I will include diverse skills, abilities, strengths, and backgrounds to create better outcomes.
o I will care for myself while also respecting others.


o I will own it, solve it, and celebrate it!

o I will offer solutions when problems are identified.
o I will share my input for decisions by participating in forums such as shared governance, town halls, employee engagement survey, brown bag discussions, employee councils, staff meetings, or directly with my manager.
o I will take charge and do the right thing at the right time.
o I will make decisions keeping a balance of service, quality, and cost in mind.
o I will demonstrate Cone Health values.
o I will seek opportunities to celebrate and have fun.
o I will recognize good work.


* Annual flu shot
* Annual TB test (if applicable to your job location)
* Annual HLCs (Healthstream, formerly CBL)-Safety at Work and Corporate Compliance
* Maintain licensure/certification/registry/listing (if applicable to your job)

Cone Health is an equal opportunity employer. If you require assistance with our online job submission process, please contact our team at 866-266-3767 to request an accommodation.

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